Laddie Timbery's Workshop



Laddie is a respected Koori elder from the Eora Nation. His people are the Bidjigal clan, which span from La Perouse, Botany Bay (known as Goorewall), down through the South Coast regions of NSW and known as the Yuin Nation. He belongs to the Dharawal language group which spans from Sydney to Jervis Bay, where his family currently live and produce artwork and artefacts and co-ordinate the Internationally-renown Bidjigal and Doonooch dancers. He has a vast knowledge of culture and history, particularly involving the region of Botany Bay and the South Coast of NSW and this is evident throughout all of his works.


Laddie and his family make the traditional original returning boomerang. Made from mangrove knee it has a natural bend. They make and decorate a large variety of artefacts and artworks and are highly regarded for their unique craftsmanship of "burning in", a technique Laddie's family has been using for 193 years, selling boomerangs and artefacts throughout the Botany Bay and South Coast regions of NSW.


The shell work produced by the family is also world renowned. Laddie's great grandmother Emma Timbery's shell work was sent to England for Queen Victoria in the early 1900s. The family continues to make and sell shell work. Many of the works made by Laddie's family can be viewed in National and International museums and galleries.


Visitors to Laddie Timbery's Aboriginal Arts and Crafts workshop can see and purchase authentic, locally made:-



During your visit, Laddie will demonstrate how to throw a boomerang and you can watch how the burning in technique is done.